About Me: 

I am an intellectually promiscuous sociologist with a background in cultural geography and an interest in gender, physical practice, storytelling, the body, and methods. I am an Assistant Professor at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

My research on pain and community in the mixed martial arts gym, the connection between discourse and phenomenological experience, representations of masculinity in Super Bowl commercials, the relationship between binge drinking and athletic participation, and how people discuss socially controversial issues has appeared in journals such as Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Social & Cultural Geography, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Qualitative Sociology, and International Review for the Sociology of Sport

I take great pride in the sociological discipline and, for this reason, have sought out ways to make our contributions more accessible to a larger audience. With this goal in mind, I served on the editorial boards of both Contexts and The Society Pages. My attempts at more accessible writing can be found in The Social Side of Politics (Norton), Getting Culture (Norton), and Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America (Springer). I currently produce the Give Methods a Chance podcast. My co-authored book of the same title was recently published by W.W. Norton.

Teaching is one of the great joys of being an academic. Before arriving at Utica College, I taught at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and Carleton College. My commitment to the classroom experience has led to multiple teaching honors including the University of Minnesota Sociology Department’s Graduate Instructor of the Year and Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award and the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award. My teaching interests include Social Theory, Social Research Methods, Men & Masculinities, Sport & Society, Social Bodies, and Introduction to Sociology.