On Talk - I am currently working alongside Professors Penny Edgell (University of Minnesota), Kathleen Hull (University of Minnesota), and Daniel Winchester (Purdue University) on the National Science Foundation funded Talking About Social Controversies project. In this project, we use focus groups to study how people work through difficult issues that draw on multiple forms of authority; in particular science, politics, and religion. Our first paper to emerge from the project, which argues that storytelling is a dominant form of reasoning that can move deliberation forward on its own or through being interwoven with more abstract forms of reason-giving (online first at Qualitative Sociology). 

On News Coverage - in this essay I used the top news stories as selected by the Apple News to explore how different stories are being covered by different news outlets (not just different takes on the same stories).

On National Politics - a reflection on how taking seriously the Palin Precedent offers an important corrective to the talk of Trump "coming out of nowhere"  for Utica College Public Affairs and Election Research