I treat sport not simply as a bounded cultural object, but also as a social phenomenon with influence that extends beyond the field of play. In this spirit, I co-authored Politics & Sports: Strange, Secret Bedfellows. Here Douglas Hartmann and I theorized the multiple, often-ignored political usages of sport that have power as a result of the perceived sacred divide between the two cultural spheres (published in The Social Side of Politics, 2013).

Douglas Hartmann, Alex Manning, and I brought wrote a sequel to this argument in response to President Trump's continued verbal attack on protesting NFL players

In Much Ado about a Hairdo? Unraveling the Social Significance of Jeremy Lin’s Dreadlocks, Stephen Suh, Alex Manning, and I theorized the potentials and limitations of sport as a space to discuss race. 

In my co-authored article, "Binge drinking and sports participation in college: Patterns among athletes and former athletes", I encourage scholars to take seriously the impact of sport beyond time of participation through statistical analysis of binge drinking rates among current collegiate and ex-athletes (published in the International Journal for the Sociology of Sport, 2014).