Much of my work is oriented around culture and the body. 

In 2014 I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Suh as graduate editors of Getting Culture (part of The Society Pages book series published by Norton, edited by Douglas Hartmann and Chris Uggen). In this book we attempt the difficult task of situating the wide range of sociological approaches to studying and defining culture. Much of the content of the volume builds off the podcast interviews I have produced for The Society Pages with topics ranging from food to embodiment to subcultural ways of life. 

My interest in the body is perhaps most evident in Troubling Bodies, a chapter in the aforementioned Getting Culture. In this chapter, I bring together work on the stigmatization of specific physical characteristics through conversations with Abigail Saguy, Natalie Boero, and C.J. Pascoe, to remind of us of the ways that our bodies are always already culturally constructed.